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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


We are home. Sleeping in our own beds after ten nomadic days visiting friends and family in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The time flew by but we did manage to fit a lot in...

- a few days in Fredericton, with a show there. Smallish attendance but all went well and it felt really good. Meeka was delighted to be appointed videographer for the concerts and took her job very seriously.

- the cottage gave us some good family time, relaxing while the kids swam and explored and canoed. The second day the kids hit the wildlife park with D's folks while we celebrated our 19th anniversary in fine style in Halifax.

- Oasis. Definitely a highlight for me. The biggest event I've played, and I was pleasantly surprised to not be hit by the expected wall-o'-nerves. It felt good, was smooth and well-received, though I realized that fronting a concert like that takes endurance! Whew. Tired but made it through. I do believe that my running made it possible. Hm, cross-training for music? The band outdid themselves this week. Several comments on their talent, professionalism, and just being a tight band (high praise that), and my continued appreciation for their willingness to join me on the trip.

- a few days in Dartmouth, including a day in Halifax to the Citadel, walking the waterfront, and a sailing ship ride on the Mar. Sunday morning at FBC Dartmouth was a good wrap to the week.

And now I'm home, and realizing that all the things I was putting off "until after the trip" are waiting here and now need to be dealt with. Autumn, here we come!

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