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Friday, 16 May 2008

but it's ok

Today we head into the city to help out with a clean-up day in B'haven. The community association organized this, and since I'd already planned to take the day off school, the girls and I will be pitching in to help the church's community and do our little part for the environment. Could be interesting, both from the "why aren't your kids in school" front to teaching the girls what to do if they find hazardous stuff in the ditches.

The flies continue to be annoying, and mosquitoes are finding their way into the house. Last night's band rehearsal had the added fun of people swatting at them while trying to play and sing. Outside yesterday afternoon, I tried to keep ahead of the black flies while moving rocks from the foundation of the old barn to encircle a small garden on my lawn. I was pleased with the result, took a moment to survey my work, then fled inside. But it's ok, the peace out here is worth the bugs.

School is almost done, work around here is looming especially with our planned trip for Bean's wedding, and I had one of those moments yesterday of freezing and trying to figure out just if and when it could all get done. But it's ok, step by step it all comes together and one job at a time it gets done.

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