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Friday, 30 May 2008

and then there was one

It's the amazing disappearing hen show!

What is going on?

Well, the sad truth is that I think we've fed a couple of animals today and it wasn't our intention. I let three hens out this morning, and only one is there tonight. D was home after I took the girls to dance and saw one hen walking around the house, but on his way to the tractor shed noticed something feathery. It was, in fact, feathers - so many that it was easy to confirm that one hen was grabbed by something. Either that, or she's walking around naked. The hen he saw walking around the house was one that the last couple of days had taken to coming when I called her and following me in hopes of a handout. It was cute. But, sometime between when D saw her and when he went to close up the coop, she vanished. No feathers, nothing. Much searching yielded more nothing.

Biddy is the last one. Maybe this was a big game of Survivor:Poultry and I didn't know?

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