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Friday, 10 August 2007

weapons of mass cutting

The ice cream was heavenly, the pickles not quite so ethereal but yummy as pickles go. We will definitely use the ice cream maker again. The girls were brainstorming on ideas to add to the vanilla we made - chopped chocolate, skor bar bits, etc. It can also be used to make sorbets and frozen yogurt and even gelato, all of which shall be tried another time.

Today I make up for my indoor day yesterday by using my weapon of mass cutting. The lawn will be cut and then I hope to switch tractor implements from the finish mower to the 'bush hog'. This is a serious cutter, taking on shrubs and small trees. I want to go over some stuff D cleared near the creek as the growth is getting up there again, and then go into the field across from the house to take out the goldenrod before it goes to seed.

Then it's off to mark trees to be cut down along the driveway - the little saplings that are not growing well and are just serving as climbing poles for the grapevines, and the ones growing on the side of the ditch and won't get to be big anyway. Tomorrow we are renting a wood chipper to clear away the huge pile of brush that has been accumulating for the past year. We will end up with some nice mulch for gardens and pathways and have no Fargo-like incidents.

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