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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

deja vu

Double post, as some things need their own. Last night was one of those horrible instances where history seems about to repeat itself in a nasty way. A phone ringing after 11:00 is rare, and Goaliemom calling then rarer still, since we'd just had a long chat on MSN. Through her broken voice I heard the words again, "there's been a car accident" - my nephew, the driver, was ok. Thankfully it was not to report an injury, but of course it was so hard on my nephew mentally and emotionally. I won't presume to know what went through his mind. I won't presume to know my sister's mind, knowing her son was suffering thousands of miles away. I just know my side of it, the way my heart felt like it was dropping into my feet, the need to steady myself in case the next words were like those I'd heard before.

Parts of it were so oddly familiar, but not a happy familiarity. More like a person who you met once, an aquaintance of a friend or something, who immediately presumed too much of you, and now every time you see them you groan inwardly at how they will make you feel awkward and annoyed.

Deja vu is surreal sometimes, cool other times. But sometimes I could do without it, thank you very much.

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