I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Friday, 3 August 2007

nighttime observations

Swimming under the stars is wonderful. Just floating there, in the dark, and looking up is bliss.

Especially after you turn off the bug zapper so your thoughts aren't interrupted by the 'kczzzk' or mosquitoes, or the 'kczzzkzzzkzkzkzzck' of moths.

It was slightly hazy so the stars weren't as visible as other nights. Those are the nights where I go outside, look up, and just stop in amazement at how many, and how far away it all is, gawking away until my neck starts to hurt. Last night not so much, but pretty nonetheless. Then the moon came up, all low and reddish, glowering over the fields until it climbed in the sky and was feeling happier. The crickets were singing away in the field and only one mosquito came by. To the northwest I could see the sky flashing as far-off lightning made its way across the land.

Today the garden beckons me to get things more orderly. The tomatoes, uncaged, have taken to sprawling about in a most unbecoming fashion. They are daring to cover the neat gravel paths and that simply will not do (note to self: watching Pride & Prejudice and then talking about the garden leads to strange descriptions). Today I shall cut sticks for tripods to support the plants. However, we'll see what the weather brings. Thunderstorms?

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Jennifer said...

i agree. whenever i read anne of green gables...well, you can't help your voice constantly exclaiming in wonder. perhaps we need more of that?