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Friday, 29 August 2008


Perhaps it is premature, but I've done it anyway. I think the list has been brewing in my mind over the last year or so. I've made a short list of songs for my CD.

'my CD'. It sounds so big, and scary. If it weren't so amazing, I'd run the other way.

D and I are touring a studio on Saturday. The place charges $65/hr for studio time plus $45/hr for their side of things (mixing, etc). Could we find a cheaper place? Definitely. Would it sound cheaper? Yes. D figures when we take all the tracks to be laid down, even working with minimal people to maximize our efficiency, we're talking about a $10K-$12K project. Gah!

As Lizzie says in Pride and Prejudice, "Ten thousand pounds! Good heavens! How is half such a sum to be repaid?" If I was hoping to find some help there, I get none - Mr Bennet makes no reply.

Proposals will be written up and sent to people with much prayer. Until I find the secret treasure that I'm sure is hidden in the walls of this house somewhere, it's not all coming from us.

But, that is the stuff of managers (I have retained D in that faculty. He really had no choice, and his engineer's mind is much better suited for it than my happy-go-lucky artist's mind, which tends to flit away, twirling about, when such mundane details raise their heads). So, to the short list.

1. The View from Here - fastish, straight rock tune. Likely also the title track 'cause I like the name and really, all the songs reflect my view of life and stuff. One of D's favorites.
2. Only You - also fastish, and likely to have a straight rock feel to it. I have some ideas on that. One of my personal faves.
3. You are Lord - Celtic-style worship song. Possibly with a jig at the end.
4. For His Praise - Celtic-style worship song, but no jig.
5. Imagine - mid-tempo, bilingual worship song I blogged about back in November 2007, from the conference of the same name
6. Compelled - mid-tempo song from the 2005 CCSB conference
7. Overcome - slow ballad.
8. Let it Go - slow jazz, featuring some cool sliding guitar and bass courtesy uber-guitarist
9. Lament - my newest one, introspective ballad
10. Silence Broken - really a Christmas song, but the odds of me releasing a Christmas CD are pretty slim.
11. We Hold On - slow song I always said I'd include in a CD, for reasons known to those who'll understand.

Maybe another one, but I'm shooting for 9-11 songs. It will be a journey, I know. Much prayer needed. Thankfully, though, much grace given.


futsaldreamer said...

Congrats ! Woohooo !! So huge !! And, I'm sooo excited for you !

Brenda said...

This is so cool Barb- need any backup singers? :)