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Monday, 25 August 2008

and now for something completely different

It wouldn't be my blog without the occasional Monty Python reference.

We had a crazy busy fun encouraging exciting relaxing-at-the-end weekend. Between birthday parties (A&M), a youth group overnight event (R), hosting a visitor to our church from Alabama, the farmers' market, a church-wide BBQ (a whole pig), and Sunday morning's usual routine, it all passed in a blur of driving and doing.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Seren and RSH's cottage for Gaffer's bday party. And it was lovely. We swam in the lake, sat on the raft, ate, talked, laughed. After the rest of the party guests went home, D and I and the girls stayed on overnight. Much more fun together ensued, including several you-had-to-be-there moments. D took today off work and we were there until after an early supper.

So, not much of that is completely different. But a few things happened that were out of the ordinary.

First, on Friday I checked my mail to find an envelope from CCLI, with whom I'd registered my songs. Expecting to find something to sign, I opened it to find a cheque. A royalty cheque. I have now officially been paid for the use of something I've written. I feel like a real songwriter now. Tres cool and enough to make me really quite giddy.

Then Sunday, after church I was talking with someone who asked a question I get occasionally ("so when are you making a CD of your stuff?") to which I responded with my usual laugh and "when I get a few thousand bucks to get into the studio". Then came the hit: "so you're looking for investors?" and a very serious request to contact him when I'm going forward with it because when I do, he's in. Later, I was chatting with someone else who asked the same question, got my same answer, and then said "well, we would want to support you in that".

And I was dumbfounded.

Still am, really.

I'd never considered this avenue. D and I have been planning to make up a proposal for the church, to see if they could help out and then be paid back until it's all covered by CD sales. Pay them back before we get any gain from it. But individuals? Never crossed our minds. And now we need to rethink it all.

But it sure is fun thinking. Scary, but fun.

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