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Monday, 6 December 2010

on the fly

Generally, week by week for Sunday morning I plan a a lot. Picking the songs based on theme, key, who's going to be there for the band, etc. But sometimes decisions are made on the fly.

Last night the four ladies from our worship team took part in a community concert. We had planned the songs, rehearsed them (given this group, that really doesn't take loads of time as they are officially awesome), and we were ready to go.

We were a quartet among a group of choirs and arrived to be greeted by friendly faces, glad we were able to join in this year. We planned to do my 'Silence Broken' and Mariah Carey's 'Jesus, Born on this Day'. The other three would stand with mics and I'd sing from the piano. Easy enough.

We warmed up downstairs in a classroom with no piano, just to tweak last minute things. So, we were set.

The program started to an overflow house and I sat and listened to the choirs, and two thoughts grew: the piano's sound was ok, not stellar, and wow, the acoustics in here are nice. Then I got one of those thoughts that makes the other gals either roll their eyes, or laugh, or both.

I leaned over to Care, Bee and Connnie and whispered, "let's do the second song a capella, no mics". The looks were hilarious: a bit of disbelief followed by the well-known and beloved 'let's do this' smiles. Within a few minutes, right there in the concert, we decided to go all in. No mics, no accompaniment, on 'Jesus, Born on this Day'.

It was perfect.

The voices blended, raised, pure, nothing to distract, the hall was perfect for it. We finished on a triumphant chord, then silence. Then the place exploded in applause. It was one of those 'wow' moments that still buzzes in my head this morning.

I plan to never play for that song again with that crew. :) Ladies, you outdid yourselves last night! Thanks again for the privilege of working with you.

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