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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Legalese scares me. It makes my normally analytical and pretty sharp mind start to turn to some sort of gelatinous substance and the words start to sound like the grownups talking on Peanuts cartoons.

Whereas the party of the first class shall have rights including, but not limited to, voting as assigned by the officers for the purpose of carrying out, wrapping up, or completely confusing anyone involved, as per the pro rata quid pro quo latinification of things that really make you wonder if maybe you shouldn't have another cup of coffee first and oooh, look how the sun comes in the window there! *sigh* Whereas the party of the second class shall have rights limited to but not including habeas corpus veni vidi vici and can redeem this with 30 days written notice.

Yeah. Thank goodness for manager D, amazing accountant S (my bro!) and Mr. Lawyer Man.

Bottom line: we're making a music company that will be the entity that handles money for the CD.

And I was a good girl and read all the Articles of Doing Stuff So Very Officially (ok, that's my title for it. Bet you thought it was the real legal title) last night. I think legal documents would be vastly improved with diagrams. Or at least little stick figures that show what everybody's allowed to do. Or chocolate.

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Jennifer said...

what about puppets?