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Monday, 1 October 2007

now, where did I put that

September? Where did it go? I'm certain it was here somewhere. I returned home Saturday to a yard that had significantly more leaves on the ground than when I left, more tomatoes ripened and awaiting harvest, and all the calves gone from our place, to market I think. Yeah, the reality of farming has its sad side. Some get kept, while others wind up in neat little styrofoam trays. Hm.

The month seemed never to be, perhaps due to some family visits at the beginning, our weekend at Seren's cottage and our road trip at the end. Perhaps because of the busyness of starting school. I do suspect, however, that I've just gotten scatterbrained and misplaced it. It's under a pile of papers in the office.

Speaking of which, I watched the season premiere of The Office and now want to rent the DVDs of the first couple of seasons. I love dry humor. Speaking of that, D gave a short and highly entertaining talk last night at a volunteers' evening for the church, and surprised many people who just didn't know what a sense of humor he has. Speaking of that, there are a lot of segues in this post.


futsaldreamer said...

Yes - D was very funny. His talk was very cool.
I've been meaning to watch the Office - it is on the list of things to do that don't get done. There's a few books there too.
Tangent aside - consider buying the seasons of the Office. It is sometimes cheaper or costs nearly the same as renting. And, then you can watch it over and over, and rent it to friends who have been meaning to watch it.

futsaldreamer said...

d-oh - I meant lend it. It's too early in the morning....yes, still.

Jennifer said...

everything gets lost in papers in the office. hairclips, bills, important papers, the dog...