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Monday, 15 October 2007

beware the ides of october

It just doesn't have the same ring to it. Not nearly so menacing.

The day is half over and has already been full, attending French tutoring given by N for a few families. It will be extra exposure for R&A with JPP, and M's weekly French lesson. They did enjoy it and having N pronounce things correctly instead of with my undoubtedly English accent (English, not British) will be helpful to them.

Last week, D away from Monday through Friday, stayed rainy and was cause for getting lots of inside stuff done. I was pleased with the accomplishments, and on Saturday helped the B's move into their newly-built house. It was the funniest move I've ever helped with; since the fire and their time here they have been living in a trailer on the property while the new house was under construction. So, one would enter the trailer, regret not having brought totes or bins or such, pick up all the pots & pans one could hold, and walk the 20 feet to the house. Then it was back and forth, back and forth, carrying the household items in for Bee to put away as she saw fit. There were no big boxes, little to no furniture to carry over, and the kids running back and forth with toys for the boys' rooms. M decided to help Aunt Bee by folding J's shirts and pants ('but not his underwear, Mommy, that would be weird').

Today is school, proofreading a book for Serendipity (a very clever bit of writing, I must say. Quite brilliant, really), and coming up with some really nifty culinary creation for supper. Hmm. Wonder what I have? Perhaps some Asian-style beef dumplings with noodles and peanut sauce. Yeah, that'll work.


futsaldreamer said...

Can I order takeout from the G's Asian Delight Farm ? Dumplings and noodles sound yummy.

barb said...

Goodness, this poor old farm is taking on so many jobs, it won't know what hit it! ;-)

They were yummy and I had to stop the girls from eating so many that there wouldn't be enough for D to have.

futsaldreamer said...

Now, that just doesn't help any ;). "Yes the dumplings were yummy, no you can't have any."
Ok, ok - where'd you buy'em - if you say you made them, I'll have to raid the farm. :p