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Wednesday, 6 June 2007


If only I could be. Look it up.

But the busyness continues. Rehearsal #2 of three this week was last night, M's dress rehearsal. I had learned from the night before when I arrived at the posted time and then sat for the greater part of 3 hours that if your kid's dance number is at the end of the program, there's no need to be there spot on 6:30 for the practice! My late arrival was heralded as evidence of being a true veteran of recitals by the other moms, and M was duly dressed and made up for the dance with no problems. Tomorrow night is the last rehearsal, and M's first soccer night. Band rehearsal has been moved to Friday to make up for that. And just for fun let's add in more calls to make, a large BBQ to pick up for Sunday, various 'normal' errands, soccer practice for A, and indolence is looking pretty good (did you look it up yet?).

And it's gotten cold again - we had come nicely into summery weather, and then in came wind taking the temps way down. I fear for our non-heated pool and the large party (150 people? 200?) that is to be held here on Sunday afternoon - here's hoping it will warm up nicely in the days to come.


futsaldreamer said...

You couldn't be indolent if you lay on the couch for 3 days and ate 10 bags of chips, three nacho platters and 100 chicken wings.

You might be sick, but not indolent. :p

Indolence (?) is a state of mind. You don't have the mind for it :p

sue said...

She's right you know....