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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

smug at the museum

Yesterday's visit to the museum was great, exploring newly-opened exhibits as they work on renovations that won't be done until 2009. Impressive interactive displays delighted the girls and it was good to see some of the 'old faithful' large mammal specimens back on display.

I must confess, however, to a feeling of some smugness as I stood and read one of the banners in one of the displays and found a very obvious grammatical error. Now, I will be the first to admit to making typos in my own writing and typing, but to use "it's" (contraction for 'it is') in a sentence where "its" (possessive pronoun) should be used is something no museum of that stature - or any museum, for that matter - should overlook. It's an error that is amazingly common, and one that's a pet peeve of my dad. And it's not high-level grammar, as daughter R (age 10) picked it out when I did that old trick of my dad's to point at the sign and say, "what's wrong on that?" and make a game of sorts of it. Yes, it's true: I am a grammar nerd. Ah, well.

Today is school, housework that is excruciatingly dull but will not be denied, and then good friends D & J coming for supper.

And it's still cold. It's supposed to be warmer this weekend, which begs the question: clear off our own creek to skate, or make the trek to the canal? Both have advantages, the creek being obviously close and convenient, but the canal boasting hot chocolate and beaver tails (the yummy fried pastry, not actual tails of beavers).


sue said...

Reminds me of a homeschool fair I went to which had used books for sale, one section being labeled as "grammer". Yikes.
I didn't know that was one of dad's pet peeves....

Keep warm. I will think of you when we're in mb.

barb said...

I know it's something he always would shake his head over. Perhaps 'pet peeve' is a little strong, it's not like it ranks up there with the major issues of the day.

'grammer' ... yikes indeed. Of course maybe the grammar was right, just the spelling was wrong.