I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Monday, 29 January 2007

i feel pretentious

About me: Life on a 100-plus year old farm is full of surprises (it's amazing what people buried over the years) and plain old hard work. I am married to the most amazing guy ever, a full-time mom to three beautiful kids and a part-time musician, leading the music each week at our church. Between all of those things, my weeks get swallowed up pretty quickly.

While I have admired and enjoyed the blogs of others and have been a long-time journaller on paper, here is my first time having my own blog. And to put my thoughts out there like this feels a wee bit pretentious, expecting to have brilliant insights and sharp witty comments.

But I figured I may as well go for it and enjoy my own little world online, even if nobody ever reads it. So here it is. I will enjoy it; I hope you do too. Whoever you are.


sue said...

you were at it early this morning. I'm curious as to your posting name, Beyond.... what went into choosing that?

barb said...

Hm, actually the time is wrong - it's 3 hours early. Still working out the kinks.

Beyond sums up lots of my outlook - to see the farm beyond what it is now, to take my music beyond what my feelings of insufficiency tell me I can do, to let God make more of me than I can make. And it reminds me of someone very dear to me.