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Monday, 29 January 2007

life on an old run-down farm

Obvious enough from the title, I suppose. We moved to this place almost three years ago. It was the result of years of wanting to have a place with lots of room for us and the kids, the desire for simplicity in our busy lives. While in some ways it's simpler, country life has its own challenges.

Two and a half years of work later, we have cleaned up innumerable piles of old wood, filled a dumpster with a fridge, two sinks, multiple bags of concrete that had turned to solid lumps of stone, a stove (the thing had enough appliances to advertise it as a small apartment), sheets of rusted corrugated metal roofing, and old rotted timbers. There's no end of stuff to do.

Last summer saw the first sort of addition to the property by ourselves when we retrofitted an old log pig shed to become an old log chicken coop. Eight laying hens call that place home now and daughter R is an expert with the chickies now. She can even tell them apart, a feat beyond my abilities. The other addition last summer was a vegetable garden that provided us with loads of fresh produce. So we're doing some living off the land.

My dream for the farm is summed up as "make it live again" - to see the old log barns being saved and in use again, to get to know our property and enjoy the land, to make memories and share the adventure as a family. Once upon a time this was a working farm. While we don't plan to be career farmers, we can certainly be making use of the property. And I want some horses!

And there's nothing quite like sitting down on the porch in the evening and looking across the fields and keeping on dreaming while the fireflies come out to play.

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sue said...

Bit cold for sitting on the porch these days, though. But the memory of it, and the anticipation of it again must sustain you through the cold days.

The dream suits you.