I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Monday, 5 October 2009


I feel like I'm in a Star Trek episode where the time all compresses into one point. Was there an episode like that? I can't remember, but I'm sure it would be chaotic.

Everything I can do first-hand is done, and now it's on to coordinating several different sources so that the timeline is achieved. Mixing and mastering provide the audio, design provides the visuals. All this then goes to the duplication place to make 1000 copies of the thing.

We saw the initial layout of the CD liner last night, and I really liked what I saw. Will from Strivemind had taken one photo I'd particularly liked and used it for the lyrics page in a way I'd never have thought to. Very cool.

While this is going on, the other side of the coin is underway as we prep the band for the concert. So the live and recorded versions of my CD are both chugging ahead to October 23rd.

Today I had a moment of panic as to whether they will glide smoothly into the station, or jump the tracks for a spectacular mess.

And the little optimist in me, the one who always believes it'll work out, is oddly quiet.


sue said...

maybe our optimists have run off together....

barb said...

to a spa?

Unknown said...

Oooh, oooh, I know!

There was a TNG episode where space was collapsing to a single point. Except it really wasn't, Dr. Crusher had been caught in some kind of space-time bubble that was collapsing and it just seemed like the universe was shrinking, but it was actually the bubble she was in.

Yes, I am a nerd, why do you ask?

barb said...

aahaahaa Lesley, there's another reason why we get along. I've seen most of the TNG eps, maybe that's what I was remembering.