I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


I am really, truly finished recording lead vocals. What a journey.

I learned new singing techniques, from mental preparation (such a huge part of it!) to physical positioning. I learned to go outside my little ideas of my vocal abilities. Sometimes I laughed at the results, but more often I learned I could do something new. I learned what some of my bad habits are and how to address them. Maria gave me so many tools, I'm still figuring out how to remember to use them all. My vocal delivery has changed already, yet the learning continues.

I learned a teensy bit about the recording process through watching Tim at work. I'll never listen to a CD with quite the same ears again. So may subtleties that the producer draws from the artist, that the recording engineer pulls together. Even a solo album is such a collaboration of creative effort.

I learned (well, affirmed) that I have an amazing husband and kids, who have lived in this chaos of my making in the most supportive ways imaginable. They've exemplified flexibility, grace, and caring.

I learned that internet networking has a reach I could never have attained otherwise. Amazing how far it's able to go.

I learned that there is still more to learn.

Where will it go from here?


Jennifer said...

music videos
t-shirts with your face plastered on them...
barb glennie bobble-head
wii game

barb said...

mmm quite frankly that list scares me.

Jennifer said...

what? I'd buy a Barb bobble-head...

barb said...

no bobble head, maybe an action figure that laughs at random goofy stuff and uses big words.