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Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Another Christmas has come and gone, many lovely memories made and happy times had. We spent Christmas Eve afternoon eating (and eating and eating) with good friends, then headed to church for a nice service. Uberguitarist's rendition of 'Silent Night' on the classical guitar was a highlight for me. Beautiful. After that it was to another friend's house, complete with more food. I was still full from the afternoon so didn't indulge too much.

Christmas Day was loads of fun for the kiddies, dinner was a nice collection of our Ottawa family, with the B's and the G's both joining us for lunch. Much playing and laughing ensued. Boxing Day was an amazing brunch at the B's, joined by some good friends.

Yet for all those memories, it still felt like it didn't quite happen. It's strange. I think it's because December was so disjointed and I didn't do all the things I usually do. About a week before the day I had my reality check with myself and realized that giving gift baskets full of homemade goodies wasn't going to happen. Between recording and being sick, to try and do it would be too much of a stretch for my sanity and our family life. So this year, that was bypassed.

Don't get me wrong; we had a wonderful week off with D at home and some low-key family time, which I always treasure. It just felt different this year. Still good, just different.

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