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Friday, 19 September 2008

a day at the fair

Today was the day; school was cancelled and after the biscuits were baked for the Farmer's Market tomorrow, we headed off to the Fair. The first stop was our trip to the homecrafts exhibit hall to see how we'd fared. And here's the lowdown:

M entered a felt fair scene (3rd place), a decorated cupcake (didn't place) and a jar with colored sand layered in it (1st place).

A entered a decorated cupcake (didn't place), a Lego barn (2nd place) and chocolate chip cookies in the category for kids aged 10-15 (3rd place).

R entered a stuffed toy (3rd place) and the chocolate chip cookies (1st place - hooray for Aunt S's recipe!)

My entries were crabapple jelly (didn't place), tea biscuits (2nd place! Didn't defend my title from last year), peach jam (1st place), and pumpkin pie (1st place. Out of one. I win by default. Go me!). So, given a required membership fee of $7 to the local Agricultural Society for me to enter my exhibits, and a whopping $12 in winnings, I come out $5 in the good.

After that there was nothing for it but to purchase bracelets for the girls and then watch them spend the day going on rides, running to other rides, heading back again to a different ride or maybe just one more go on that one over there. Cotton candy was a must, and each of them played a fair game to win a cheaply made but currently treasured toy. We met up with several other families, so the fun was shared with their best buddies.

Tonight, I am tired after all the fresh air and walking. Tomorrow is the market in the morning, a restful afternoon and then a treat - we've got tickets for all 5 of us to go to the Senators' exhibition game tomorrow night.

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Brenda said...

So did the girls use the same chocolate chip cookie recipe? Interesting if they did, that one of them placed third and one first!

Have fun at the game tonight.