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Friday, 4 February 2011


We finally got a snowstorm the other day. And while I realized that it inconvenienced many people, and makes for delays and dangerous driving, and fills the narrow streets of the cities, and spends my tax dollars in snow removal, the little girl in me still defiantly dances around gleefully singing, "snow! snow! wheee!"

She's incorrigible, but I do like her.

Yesterday I set out to be a tough farm girl and clear the laneway. All 500m of it. With the push blower, since the tractor's chains aren't on the tires and at 50lbs each it's more than my girlie arms can manage to put them on.

The snowblower is generally quite nice, doing its job on a firm surface very well. When the surface is soft or uneven, however, the blower becomes a belligerent, stubborn, heavy hunk of metal that won't even listen to me and move when I yell at it (or, so I've heard).

The type of day I had with it yesterday is amply testified by today's aching shoulders and arms. After two hours of wrestling with it, I had cleared the laneway. I came back inside to see that M had thoughtfully put the kettle on for tea; a cold drink was all I wanted after all that work, but the gesture was appreciated.

The parking area - that will be today's adventure.

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EMP said...

I'm with that little girl: "Snow! snow! wheee!" Sigh. 'Tis snowing here today. Again. Still. :)