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Monday, 31 January 2011

by way of update

A few changes at the farmhouse over the last month in the pet department...

Six-year-old MeMe has joined us, and is settling in well. She's a sweetheart and the girls love her, even when their stuffed toys mysteriously make their way into MeMe's sleeping crate. Sam has not minded the addition, and it's been fun to see the two playing in the snow while the girls skate on the creek.

Note to self: curious, agile dog with no point of reference for rodents as pets (and not mice to be trounced) does not generally end up well for hamsters. Our return home from church last Sunday led to the sad discovery of little Sparrow's cage spilled off the shelf and onto the floor, and poor Sparrow himself decidedly worse for it. The girls decided to get another hamster but the cage was moved up to a much higher shelf, and so little Cappuccino joined the family.

It seems next week we'll be turning into the Creekside Home for Potentially Homeless or Dead Chickens (it does need a better name). Some friends whose flock has been diminishing over the years are down to three hens, one of which was actually one of ours (long story), want to get rid of it, and some consultation between the girls and their buddy let to some puppy dog eyes looking at me and saying, "but Mom, they'll DIE if we don't take them!". Of course they said it with dramatic inflection. So, we'll give it a go and see how the hens get along. Hens are not the most accepting of new additions to their crew, but if you sneak them in at night sometimes they don't quite notice that there are newcomers. Hens, needless to say, are not the brightest of creatures.

Winter continues, the snow being rather sneaky in its accumulation, but the creek has frozen beautifully and the girls have passed many fun-filled hours skating on it before returning to the house with rosy cheeks. I love it.

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