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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Yep. The annual cold has found me.

It started with A's dry cough last Wednesday. Which my body, seeming to think sounded pretty nifty, decided to pick up on Thursday. It was one of those coughs that tires you out by constantly being there and not actually accomplishing anything. A has mostly dealt with coughing and fatigue, but it rapidly hit the stage for me where every nerve in my skin gets hyper sensitive. If I touched my hair, the follicles hurt from moving. Moving meant clothes sliding over my arms and back, and it was as if my tshirt was made of burlap. To bed I duly went, coughing all the while. Joints hurt, and I had a mild fever so kept tossing covers off only to be grasping them back again, shivering.

The next day R joined in. Hooray! D held out until Sunday when he started with more of a true head cold. On Sunday afternoon I lay in bed and realized that I could pinpoint everyone's position in the house by the coughing.

Side note: a day in bed sounds much more luxurious when you don't actually have to spend a day in bed.

Over the last day my cough has changed to a more nasty sounding one, with lots of loveliness in my throat. I'm hoping it doesn't decide to go any lower.

M, our little nurse who has made and served many pots of green tea, started this morning. It really is nice to do things together as a family.

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Y said...

Hope everyone's on the mend.