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Thursday, 18 June 2009

i love this place

Last night was dinner out to celebrate Gigi's birthday. So us, the K's and the J's went to, where else? Thi Fusion. This is a little place in Kanata that we've gone to so many times that (a) I can't keep count and (b) the chef took a special order for us that's now off the menu, but dear Seren had asked him when she made the reservation if we could have some. And he made it for us! Beef carpaccio. Lovely stuff.

We had amazing food, drinks, and many, many laughs together. All in all, a great evening.

Today we head back there again (two days in a row makes for a gooood week!) for lunch to celebrate another birthday. A turns 11 tomorrow, and requested a family dinner at a place they don't usually get to go to. When I suggested Thi Fusion, my little adventurous eater got very excited and has plans to eat sushi and pad thai. And, since we talked to the chef last night, more of that amazing carpaccio will be waiting for us ... mmmm.

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