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Friday, 19 June 2009

the amazing miss a

And so today, A is 11 years old. My smallest baby (with the shortest delivery time!) has grown into an adventurous, determined, smart young lady. She shares much of her daddy's math brilliance and willingness to take on challenges, loves to read and play with her Lego, and has just started to explore her abilities in drawing.

Yesterday we went to Thi Fusion for her birthday lunch. The girls were thrilled (yes, really) to get to talk to the chef and to realize that it's not typically a place where one would take children their age. But true to form, they tried all the food and enjoyed it. The results were interesting; all loved the beef carpaccio (well, who wouldn't?) and shrimp rolls, but when it came to sushi R and I preferred the salmon sashimi, while D, A and M liked the eel better. Pad thai and thai curry were likewise a hit, and the banana spring rolls and turtle cheesecake (the candy, not the animal) rounded out the meal beautifully. We even splurged on a bottle of Pellegrino water, much to A's delight.

Today we will traipse (yes. I feel like traipsing today.) out to spend her birthday money and while Bionocles are usually a hot item, I think my little girl wants an ipod Shuffle.

Happy birthday, A.

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