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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

moving along

We're about to start into the guitars on the CD, which means more sessions of me listening as the sound gets fuller and heavier and better. If I ever tour, Uberguitarist will have to clone himself or it just won't sound right.

The possible 12th song for the CD finally came together lyrically; I had most of it done but one half of one verse just wouldn't cooperate. Finally, by building the lyrics backwards, it clicked. Not to say I'm singing it backwards and sending secret messages or anything (remember that fiasco? Oh, there's another 80s flachback...), but I knew what the last line was to be, then did the second last line, then added each previous line to complete it. I think that's a first for me. Not sure if it will make the cut but I sure do like it.

Another happy thing last week was the repair and make-it-playable of Dad's old guitar. Turns out it's a 1955 model, described by the great guy who fixed it as "a sweet little guitar". Not sure which songs it will be used on, but I'm looking forward to it.

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