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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

bad girl! no cd updates!

A double post today to make up for my sad lack of updates on the CD.

The bass tracks are, I think, done. Uberguitarist finished the last of the songs. For the record, the 5-string Fender bass was amazing, the low notes almost being felt more than heard, and the high notes with such a sweet tone. As before, some parts were what we expected while others grew and came out of nowhere as inspiration hit - notably the end of one song when Tim said "play something high and pretty" and UG nailed it out of the blue on the first take. Guitars are next on the list and I'm looking forward to hearing the songs fill out some more.

This week I'm calling a guy who fixes up old guitars. There's a story to this. Have I told this story before? This blog has been up for a while and I'm starting to fear I may be one of those people who repeats stories while people politely smile and nod, though they've heard it before. Several times, in fact. Here she goes again.

Anyway. Just smile and nod. My dad had, for as long as I could remember, a guitar case in his closet. I very vaguely remembered it being played by him at family get-togethers, so vaguely that I wondered if that's just because I'd seen a photo of it. So there it sat, year in and year out. Then I found out what it was. It's one of those things that make most people blankly say "oh" and guitarists start salivating like Pavlov's dogs. It's a 1956 (or 57?) Gibson Les Paul Junior. Nothing's been changed from the original except for a pickup plate that broke once. The finish, the tuning pegs, even the case are all the real deal. And, for its non-climate controlled storage, it's in great shape. Hooray for damp Nova Scotian air!

Sentimental me thought, wouldn't it be fun to have Uberguitarist play my dad's old guitar on a couple of the songs? But it has a bent bridge that needs a bit of work, so, with Dad's permission (and the very wise stipulation that nothing be done to it that would devalue it), it came here and I will be taking it to the guitar-fixer-upper guy for his opinion.

We're looking into adding one more song to the CD. The Christmas song would be a stand-alone, and we all agreed that we'd just have that on single internet download. Having one Christmas song on a regular CD seemed odd. So, we'd still like to have a full 12 songs which means I need to do some more writing. It's funny, but the thought has me kind of excited rather than stressed. The idea of something being created while the process is going on has a sort of in-the-fray rush about it. And I have several song fragments (bits of songs that I love, but haven't been able to make into a complete song) that might be expanded to fit the bill.

Spring always inspires me. Let's see what happens.

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futsaldreamer said...

Wooohooo!!! Thanks for the update!!