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Wednesday, 6 February 2008


No, dear Seren, this post isn't personally about you. It's about the serendipitous things in life that you don't plan for, don't always look for, and then one day you realize they are standing in front of you. They often seem to wait kindly and patiently and then when I see them I am amazed and they give a little sheepish smile as though they are glad I've now seen them, but they are just too polite to be intrusive.

But anyway. I did have a reason for that title.

I spent yesterday afternoon in a delightful book shop with Seren's computer, putting in some hard-core editing time on her book (Seren had the great idea of her taking the kids whilst I parked on the book for a while). I had brought a couple of CDs and listened to them for a bit, but then needed to focus on the words of the book without competition from lyrics in my ears. About 2 hours into the editing afternoon, I found it. A simple song: "Adiemus" by the group of the same name. Not a whole CD, just one song from what was apparently a compilation CD. Why did I pick that one? Josh.

Josh, among many other wonderful things, was a gifted writer. And he did some online fan-fiction, some as himself, much under pseudonyms. One of these was 'Adiemus'. So yesterday as I sat and sipped my umpteenth cup of coffee (decaf), I listened to the song. And I was hooked. Celtic influence, African influence, Enya-style vocals, all in one song that managed to be triumphant and poignant all at once. So I listened again. And again. And again. And I was hooked. Today I googled the name to find out more about the group (whose music I plan to download at the first high-speed opportunity) then started getting nostalgic and decided to try to find J's writing so added his name to the google. I didn't find the writing. I did find an interview he did with Terrogue, an online ezine he helped to found. In that he mentions the fan-fics and then I stopped short at this quote:

I write ... under the name Adiemus (a VERY cool musical group).

I sat here today realizing that the song that so impressed me yesterday was being appreciated by him years ago.

Serendipity (the experience, not the person) is very cool, and manages to take some very scenic routes.

Serendipity the person is also very cool.


Jennifer said...

ok that is very cool. i'm glad you got to go to read's bookstore...

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