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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

family day ... and week

A long weekend is making Tuesday feel like Monday. Yesterday was the first Ontario "Family Day" statutory holiday (yes, that is what it's called), meaning that D had a long weekend. And there was much rejoicing.

The weekend was a relaxing mix of sewing medieval dresses, having our Valentine meal (roast beef, risotto, and a made-up though not likely original mix of mushrooms sauteed with bacon), church, having Seren's family and B's family over for dinner, going to another friend's farm for dinner last night, and spending some of yesterday at the War Museum. The girls and I have been several times, Derek none.

In the course of the visit we walked through a recreation of a first-world war trench, landed on the Normandy beaches on D-day, saw the changes in weapons and uniforms from the earliest conflicts to modern peacekeeping, D took in a computer simulation of World War 3, M stuck her head in a cannon from the Louisbourg fortress from the 1750s and the girls became aware of how glad we are that we don't use the medical equipment from back in the day. Most of them appeared to be of the limb-removal type; especially nasty was the hand-driven circular cutter for relieving pressure in the brain. Ew.

So now we're back into a week although it won't be the norm, thanks to the arrival of Goaliemom this evening for a short visit. Hopefully the Canal will recover from Sunday's melt so we can take her out skating.

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