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Thursday, 5 May 2011


As we sit here in the annoying limbo that is spring coming, almost but not quite, the snow gone and the sun warm but the wind still chilly, I find myself again pondering the question: what to do with this place?

While the cows have returned each year, I am aware that at the farmer's age and the fact that his kids have no interest in farming, this source of use and income will not be a forever thing. And while having a tenant farmer assures that our land is zoned agricultural and gives us the property tax benefits of that, we'd need another source of income to keep that zoning.

So today I sit here reading governmental documents that I'm sure were written by some sadistic person bent on making my brain hurt with the clauses, acronyms, and reference to other documents. Every page I read has me looking up other documents so that it's an exponential opening of pages on my browser. It's like the Star Trek episode with the tribbles. They just keep multiplying (and at this point I must earn some sort of award for combining a farm blog post with a geek reference, right?).

So today, the wind too cold and the garden too wet to do anything there, I am researching possibilities for taking the farm knowledge we do have and finding a way to use it here.

But there are interesting ideas brewing. Very interesting.

I just need to figure out those documents and see if we could actually do it.

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