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Thursday, 3 March 2011

limber, or not

So D and I started morning yoga, thanks to a DVD with five 20-minute morning workouts that each emphasize a different technique or body area. Standing poses were yesterday, twists today, bends and other stretches in the days to come.

Yes - I now have my hockey-playing, gun-shooting, all-man hubby not only eating tofu, but doing yoga.

Truth be told, it's to help in his hockey conditioning, aid in flexibility to help his power skating. But it's been nice to get up early together and do the workout, sharing laughs as we do the poses. We decided yesterday that the reason for the name of the 'downward dog' pose was, that both dogs decided it was the perfect time to run up and lick our faces. The slobbery visit by Sam did not exactly add to the calming nature of the pose.

I've wanted to limber up, too, thinking of getting back to running as spring approaches. I have been surprised to find that I miss the morning run, but several times as I've stood at the end of the driveway I have looked down the road, thinking: soon, when it's warmer, I can head down that road again, every step challenging me and I feel an odd lift.

The DVD is good, the short workouts very doable even in terms of a busy day. And while neither of us is nowhere near as flexible as Mr. Uberbendy Yoga Instructor, and our living room not quite so scenic as the Arizona landscape behind him, it's good to start the morning with it.

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