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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

and on it goes

Spring seems to be really here, with no March snowstorm to mess with the robins' puny brains and bury the first brave crocuses.

Of course, in so saying I have doomed Ottawa to a storm.

The fields are that browny-yellow that always looks as if they are thinking and planning the summer green but can't get the time to put it all together. Driving anything through the fields would leave ugly churned tracks, assuming that the vehicle itself didn't get stuck, so there they sit in their yellowed expectancy as the rain clouds glower overhead and rain swells the creek. March is, to my thinking, the ugliest month on the farm. May and June, with their fresh, lush green, are its apology.

The past few weeks have been busy ones as R & A finished their enrichment program projects, did their final tests, and presented their history projects for the school-level Historica fair. With R taking first place and A second, both are on their way to Ottawa's Regional Historica fair. While part of me would have been happy to pack the projects away and be done with that phase of the year's schooling had they not advanced, I was so proud of them for their presentations and all their hard work.

Meanwhile, the CD does continue on its slow way. Last Tuesday we got the bass tracks done for three of the songs. With drums, bass and piano, some of the songs finally sounded complete - especially 'Let it Go' with its slow jazz feel, not surprising as drums/bass/piano is a classic jazz trio. Tonight we're heading to the studio for more work on that. I feel kind of useless there, as I'm just sitting and listening, and pitching in the occasional comment and deciding what I like, but I know it's part of the process. The synergy we had going last week was great, with ideas getting thrown around, tried, altered, then changed more or laid down to be the Real Live Recording. In a way it's nice to just sit and listen, and enjoy the sounds. I know my days of more active work on it are coming.

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you forgot all of the uncovered dog poop!