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Friday, 18 July 2008

missed opportunity

Last night I went to help serve supper again to the World Changers. I love doing that, helping feed these kids after their long day. They all looked more tired than they had on Monday. My job was to be a runner - taking burgers, sausage and fries from the outdoor BBQ area to the service counter, then taking the empty bins back for more.

The ladies working in the catering bus amazed me. It was unbelievably hot in there. My nose hurt when I inhaled - literally. I turned my head to one side and felt something hot hit my neck. My earring had gotten so hot in the five minutes I stood there, it burned me. I would have fallen into the deep fryer if I'd been cooking. Happily, I was able to run into the much cooler building.

And on one of these runs I missed the opportunity for a witty little remark. I was carrying hot trays past lined-up teens waiting for their supper, so called out, "Excuse me! Hot stuff coming through!" and then thought, "and I have food, too!" but I didn't say it aloud. Just thought it and laughed.

Later, I was wiping tables down in the empty cafeteria. Much as I love music and being on stage, I like the service that's behind the scenes too. It has its own rewards.

I miss R at home. She's having a fun week, missing us too but glad she's there. It's been a good week for her.

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